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31-Mar-2016 21:58

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Other women hit on him in your presence Nothing will make you feel little of yourself than a woman hitting on your man, right in front of your eyes.

They clearly don’t consider you as anything and think you’re not ‘suitable’ for him.

They’re used to having things done for them without any questions raised.

This can lead to immature behavior and it can be a lot to handle for any woman.

In the article, Dan Rochkind, a 40-year-old finance bro who is described with "a muscular build and full head of hair", laments over how easy it was to date hot, twentysomething, blonde models — but found them to be "flighty, selfish, and vapid" company who couldn't hold conversation.

His "come-to-Jesus" moment arrived when his current fiance's mother, a professional matchmaker, spotted Rochkind at a gym and set him up with her daughter, Carly.

The article also quotes a 34-year-old environmental lawyer who considers herself a "9 or a 10" but has sworn off dating hot dudes in favor of "'superballer' men with high-paying careers." Important to note though: that she still want someone in at least "decent shape."The problem with this attitude is that it assumes that you can either be a Hot Person or a Good Person™, when being a Good Person is defined by lack of vanity and weirdly antiquated notions of education (Tell me you can't picture "I also play violin and speak seven languages" as a line in some period drama where people wear, like, -style corsets and powdered wigs.)People can totally be both gorgeous and smart and don't deserve to be put in mutually exclusive boxes!

While it's a bummer that this attitude still exists, perhaps the silver lining is that mostly everyone seems to be calling this particular story out?

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Here’s why: They can be selfish in bed Because of his dashing looks, he feels he can get anything or anyone he wants, so there’s no need to put in any kind of effort. You can go down on him all you want, but know that he wont do the same when it’s your turn. They aren’t used to being turned down It’s their way or the high way.As for the dude, he was pretty stylish in a long black coat and knitted cap. They might be just friends, but those smiles seem more than copacetic.

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