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For instance, the first interracial TV kiss featured Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and Lieutenant Uhura (Nichelle Nichols).

What’s more, when Nichols considered quitting the series, none other than Martin Luther King Jr.

Watch the episode “Amok Time” from the original series, and then discuss. Kirk (the original series), First Officer William Riker (The Next Generation), Dr. In fact, every challenging situation is less troubling when you’re tackling them together.

Julian Bashir (Deep Space Nine), and Lieutenant Tom Paris (Voyager). (See “The Trouble with Tribbles” from the original series.) 12.

urged her to stay—she was, after all, a groundbreaking actress and character. Count on many hours of cuddling while catching up on the Star Trek collection. There’s a phrase for almost every occasion: “Make it so…Highly illogical…Engage…Resistance is futile…I’m givin’ her all she’s got, Captain…Set phasers to stun…I’m a doctor, not a ______! You can debate the merits (or non-merits) of Pon Farr. One of the most iconic phrases in television history—“To boldly go where no man [or no one] has gone before”—this is not a bad motto for a budding romantic relationship. You can evaluate the wooing techniques of Star Trek’s most notorious ladies men.

In honor of the recent passing of the beloved Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock—one of the most cherished characters—we present a short list of reasons you should date a Star Trek devotee: 1. It’s true—Klingon began with a few guttural words of dialogue, but evolved into a fully developed lexicon. Somewhere in America, a Star Trek con is held every weekend. Go all out with pointy ears, Klingon forehead ridges, or Data-like golden skin tones. You can discuss the cultural influence of Star Trek.Coon's only physical description of them in his Errand of Mercy script is "Oriental, hard-faced").In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the Klingons were "reimagined" or retconned, and were depicted with ridged foreheads, new uniforms, and a distinctive Klingon language.In case I haven’t mentioned it, or in case you weren’t paying attention when I did mention it, it’s Spring Break…

albeit we’re coming to the end of the break, which is a bit sad for me as I haven’t done anything productive for my real job. If they want to mate with a man, they are very open about it!TOS Klingons were not given many cultural traits, either original or Soviet-like, beyond a generic need for domination and tyranny.