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30-Mar-2016 11:06

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In the Tap Critic video above, Skype is compared to Tango.

The Cadillac of voice and video chat apps is Skype.

Get a vast collection of i Phone Web Cam Application at Download Cheap with free as well as paid versions.

The i Phone Web Cam here offers an absolute entertainment for experiencing on-screen photography compatibility with family and friends.

The latest i Phone 6 and i Phone 6 Plus have the best cameras yet from Apple.

Despite going with an 8MP sensor for three years now, the Cupertino company gave its latest set of handsets faster phase-detect autofocus and even optical image stabilization on the larger phablet.

Over 250 million people around the globe use Skype. Skype remains at the top of the video chat app pile because it works on a wide array of i OS and non-i OS devices.

Although you can manually brighten and darken the frame with the basic built-in camera app, the Manual app adds some more granular control over settings such as ISO and shutter speed.If you’re new to this sort of thing, Workflow does its best to be friendly.The interface primarily comprises big, colorful icons, and the drag-and-drop workflow creation is surprisingly approachable.If you are at all tech savy, you would have had faced a dilemma once or twice where you need a decent webcam (damn those things), or would just like one for convenience.

Well, luckily most of us have i Phones (apple takeover in progress, please wait until your country submits to apple rulership).

You could use this added flexibility to capture a long exposure by decreasing the ISO while lengthening the shutter speed.

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