Utorrent dht always updating

05-May-2016 17:46

I just talked to a friend and because of the domain blocker i might need to initially set it up with another connection then i can use it at home... Final - So i solved my issue, it was the domain blocker that was giving me my issues.Currently, bittorrent is stuck in its waiting to log in phase.

utorrent dht always updating-60

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In real serious terms, if any corruption of data, hardware damage or any other kind of damage/losses/etc.This is what i have done so far: 1) Tried loading the open office .torrent file, ran for a full day, nothing 2) Tried turning on and off DHT support, nothing 3) Have reinstalled Utorrent 3 times 4) tried using the same port as my laptop, which is on random anyways, nothing 5) checked all my firewall permissions & turned off firewall completely 6) don't have anti-virus so didn't do anything there...7) tried the setup guide, it cannot connect to the USA, CA, Los Angeles Anything would be appreciated, thanks!!!first off, i am using the Wi Fi at my apartment complex so i don't have access to the wireless router, second i have utorrent on my laptop and it works just fine.

I just built a desktop, nothing special and it runs off the same wireless as my laptop, but when i load utorrent it wont load the nodes.

I tried Tixati, its also having the same issue acquiring the dht from the trackers. I have tried downloading different files with lots of seeders and same issue.