Youtube video count not updating

05-Jun-2016 12:54

When You Tube started out, view count was simply determined by how many times the video had been loaded.The problem with this approach, is that it’s very open to manipulation.I would like you to know, if a user views the video on the external website itself, it is not added to the view count of the video on You Tube.

This means that we're getting the same information you see on public You Tube channel pages, we just work to examine that data across multiple days and aggregate it into a display format that is useful to you.

Additionally, changes to video and account information on our site such as video view count can take a few hours to update and synchronize.

We’re constantly working to make that happen a lot faster and appreciate your patience.

The amount of views your video has is a key metric people use to determine the success of your video on You Tube.

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Because of the importance placed on views, people have come up with a variety of ways to manipulate these metrics, which can seem tempting to video marketers looking for a quick fix. But when someone subscribe , it doesnt update instantly after refresh.